Links to History and Training
 of the Boxer

 History of the Boxer Breed

 Meet The Boxer

 Genetic Determinations of Colors in Boxers

 Genetics 101

 Inheritance of White Markings

 Why you should crate train

 How to crate train

Suggested Supplies For Your Puppy

 Super Socialize Your Next Litter

 Training For Agility

 Training For All Competition Rings

 Training For Multiple Rings

 Training For Obedience

 Training For The Breed Ring

Links to Health Relating to  the Boxer

Ace (Acepromazine) Warning

 American Boxer Charitable Foundation

 American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation

 Boxer Cardiomyopathy

 Boxer Incontinence

 Breed Longevity

 Canine Health Foundation Research Projects

 Dealing with Degenerative Myelopathy in Boxers

 Degenerative Myelopathy

 Health Screening of Boxers in Breeding Program

echo clinic


Links to Online Boxer Magazines

 Boxer Underground

 The Boxer Ring

Links to Show Superintendents

 Jack Onofrio

 MB-F Inc.

 Jack Bradshaw Dog Shows

 Info Dog

 Moss Bow-Foley Dog Shows

 Jim Rau Dog Shows

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